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Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 8:29 AM

Inquiry on Oatly's Global Operations and Marketing Strategies for Academic Research

Dear Oatly,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Hayden , and I am a senior student at a university in Shanghai, currently preparing for my graduation thesis. My thesis focuses on brand marketing strategies, and I am particularly intrigued by Oatly's innovative approach in this area.

As part of my research, I aim to delve into the nuances of Oatly's global operations team structure and its operational status across various markets. Insights from your organization would significantly enrich my thesis, offering a real-world perspective that could not only enhance my academic work but also potentially provide actionable insights for businesses.

I am especially interested in learning about your strategies in Europe, the United States, and China concerning product products, pricing, promotions, and distribution channels. Your assistance in providing information or directing me to relevant resources on these topics would be immensely appreciated.

I hope that my analysis could genuinely contribute to the business community, including Oatly. I look forward to any guidance or information you could share.

Thank you very much for considering my request.

Best regards,


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1 month ago

Hello Hayden!


Many thanks for reaching out. How exciting that you're writing about us!


In terms of how we operate as a business, there's our Investors site - here you'll find what we're able to share in terms of our business operations (one resource is our latest earnings report  for example and you'll also find our corporate governance set up in the top menu). We also have a student material to dive into, providing more about our background, our mission and various brand initiatives.


Hope you'll find what your looking for to do your thesis! If you have further questions, you can always contact us at info@oatly.com. 


Good luck with your studies!


Åsa at Oatly



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Asa, thank you very much for your response to my question, this is the first time I have asked a company a question due to my academic needs, and your response has given me great confidence and encouragement to continue my research, I hope that I can complete my dissertation in a smooth and organized manner over the next few days, and I will be in touch with you as soon as I have any new insights about Oatly during the process. Thank you again!

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That's great to hear, Hayden. Glad we could help! 





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21 days ago

Hey Oatly Team,

I hope this request finds you well, amidst your busy days of turning oats into liquid gold and spreading joy in every sip! My name is Risha, and I'm currently pursuing my Master's degree in International Food Business at the University of Kassel in Germany. While I may not possess the unique ability to transform oats into deliciously creamy beverages like you do, I'm incredibly passionate about the magic behind it all.

Currently, I'm diving deep into the world of Research and Innovation at Danone during my internship. However, my heart beats to the rhythm of the oat, and I find myself irresistibly drawn to the innovative spirit that defines Oatly.

In my quest for knowledge and oats (mostly oats), I've set my sights on the possibility of writing my Master's thesis with none other than Oatly. I can only imagine the endless opportunities for creativity, exploration, and a hint of that signature Oatly sarcasm that I've come to admire.

So, here I am, reaching out with a heart full of oats and a mind brimming with curiosity. I'd love to know if there are any openings or opportunities available for a budding oat enthusiast like myself to embark on this oatventure with Oatly. If not, I'm all ears (and oats) for any guidance on how I can make this dream a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my oat-filled aspirations. I eagerly await your response, whether it's wrapped in a carton of Oatly or delivered via the magic of this request.

Warmest oats and regards,


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Hi Risha, 


thanks for reaching oat - here on OatlyFans and via email. We appreciate your dedication (and your style of writing) and we wish you the best of luck for finding the right partner for your Master's thesis. Could that be Oatly? That's a question I can't answer, but I can assure you that we have passed on your request and you'll get an answer to your email as soon as possible. While you wait, please feel free to check this article out with a little more information for students like you: ‎Students, this one's for you | OatlyFans


L-oats of love, Leo at Oatly