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Wednesday, March 13th, 2024 11:25 AM

Complaints system doesn't work and new bottle caps spill half the product

Chocolate oatly caps cannot open without spilling half the product due to them containing no further foil/ring pull, they are also more difficult to be able to pull open as seem to be flatter and closer to the top of the box now. 

Tried to process this as a complaint but that doesn't seem to be working either so not exactly a great user experience all round. 

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1 month ago

Hello Kate, 

Thanks for connecting with us on our community platform. 

Can I start by asking what we're the issues you faced while trying to file a complaint on our website? 

As to the caps, we have a great read to why we changed the caps, just in case your curious and want to read more. I won't spoil that article for you, but if you have questions let me know. 

As to your complaint, our new tethered caps, do have a foil that get's pushed down as you unscrew the Oat Drink for the first time. So you don't need to pull it out any longer, instead it gets pushed downward towards the inside of the carton and remains there. 

But just so I understand correctly, does your Oat Drink Chocolate spill when you first open the Oat Drink? 

Oat regards,